A Chartered Physiotherapist is trained to assess and treat a wide range of injuries and problems, whether it be a slip/ trip/ fall, sporting or running injury, or a posture-related issue from sitting at a desk all day. No two Physiotherapists are the same, so treatment strategies may vary, but they all have one thing in common – you’ll probably be given some form of homework to do between treatment sessions. This might include advice, stretches, strength work, or modification to your routine.

A single injury can take up to a year to heal fully, and posture-related issues are a constant ongoing source of aggravation, so don’t expect a couple of treatment sessions will magically fix you. An average seems to be 6-8 sessions, although some people happily dip in and out of treatment depending how they feel.

Matt has a preference for non-manipulative treatments, so you can rest assured you will not be asked to relax while he turns your head round and “pops or cracks” your joints. He can achieve excellent results with far gentler and thus safer hands-on techniques, which may include massage or myofascial release techniques, instrument-assisted joint mobilisations, taping techniques, and muscle energy techniques.

You do not need to be a member of the Absolutely Fitness gym to come and see him, and you certainly don’t need to be sporty. The superb location where he is based can cater for all, and includes on-site parking, wheelchair access, and a ground-floor location. A specially-negotiated 3 month membership price has been authorised with the Manager of the Gym for those clients keen to make the most of their rehabilitation. Ask Matt for details.

If you’re unsure what you need, please feel free to phone in or email Matt Elgar. He will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation

Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation – a revolutionary method pioneered by Tim Mann in Australia. The instrument is rather like a Chiropractor’s Activator, but used in a different way. It works by mobilising joints to loosen them and related muscle groups. It is so fast that the body will allow it to work where other techniques may fail.

Very quirky, very safe, very effective.


I specialise in the application of ROCKTAPE for a variety of injuries or problems. Think of it as taping movement not muscles. It usually survives 5 days of abuse and does a very good job of reducing pain or tightness.

If it is good enough for top athletes, it’s good enough for you!

  • Matt qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2004 at age 34. Working in an office for 12 years prior to this had caused serious and life-long damage to his back, so he chose to give up his career and go and learn about the body.


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